PM celebrates Bronze medal in Men’s Speed Skating 3000m Relay at Asian Games 2022

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 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Anandkumar Velkumar, Siddhant Rahul Kamble, and Vikram Rajendra Ingale on winning the Bronze medal in Men’s Speed Skating 3000m Relay at the Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou.

“Incredible display of teamwork brings home yet another Bronze Medal,” the Prime Minister posted

on X.

“Anandkumar Velkumar, Siddhant Rahul Kamble, Vikram Rajendra Ingale have the Bronze in the Men’s Speed Skating 3000m Relay,” he said.

“India is overjoyed and takes immense pride in this accomplishment,” Modi added.

Aryanpal Singh Ghuman, Anandkumar Velkumar, Siddhant Rahul Kamble and Vikram Rajendra Ingale finished with a timing of 4:10.128 at the Qiantang Roller Sports Centre.

Taiwan won the gold medal after the quartet of Tsu-Cheng Chao, Yu-Lin Huang, Yan-Cheng Chen and Fu-Shiuan Ko finished with a timing of 4:05.692.

Korea won the silver medal with a timing 4:05.702. The Korean team comprised Gwangho Choi, Inho Choi, Cheolwon Jung and Byeonghee Jeong.

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