PM Modi talked about Manipur only for 2 minutes during his reply in LS : Rahul

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 Hitting back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of Manipur violence, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday alleged that the former does not want the douse the fire in Manipur despite the fact that ‘he has many tools at his disposal”.

“The PM could at least go to Manipur, talk to the communities and say that ‘I am your Prime Minister, let’s start talking’; it will be taken seriously. I don’t see any intention,” Gandhi said.

On the Prime Minister reply to the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, the Wayanad MP said that, “The Prime Minister yesterday gave a speech of 2 hours and 13 minutes.Out of this, he talked about Manipur only for 2 minutes.”

“Manipur has been on fire for months, people are being raped and killed, children are being killed and the Prime Minister was laughing and joking while speaking in the lower house.

This does not suit for the Prime Minister of India”, he said.

“When a person becomes PM, he should not speak like a petty politician. It’s tragic to watch PM Modi speak for 2 hours on the Congress and opposition. It doesn’t do justice to his position.

He said that “The Indian Army can stop this violence in 2 days but alleged that the PM wants to burn Manipur and does not want to extinguish the fire.”

“I am not seeking the Army’s intervention. All I am saying is that the Army can stop this violence in two days. It is not my position to say which tool PM Modi will use.

I am saying PM Modi has all tools in his hand but for some reason he is refusing to use them,” Rahul said.

Manipur has been decimated. For the first time Bharat Mata has been expunged in Parliament,” he alleged.

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