PM speaking ‘lie’, China has grabbed Indian land in Ladakh: Rahul

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that everybody knows that the land of Ladakh has been taken away by China from India and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not speaking the truth about the issue.

Gandhi was addressing a public rally in Kargil district of Ladakh in the Union Territory on Friday.

“Ladakh is a strategic place and when I went to Pangong it was clear that China has grabbed thousands of kilometers of Indian land”, Rahul said.

“It is sad that the Prime Minister of India announced during the opposition party meeting that not an inch of Indian land has been grabbed by anybody, ” he said.

“This is totally a blatant lie as everybody in Ladakh knows that the land of Ladakh has been taken away by China from India and the Prime Minister is not speaking truth”.

He said whenever India needed the help of people of Ladakh and Kargil on the borders during the war, they with one voice stood with the Indian army.

This is not for the first time but it has been observed that people of Kargil and Ladakh always stand with the army whenever their services are required, Rahul said and congratulated the people of Kargil on the occasion for their role.

He said he went to all the four sides of Ladakh and thinks that this is the only beautiful place of India.

“I went to almost every part of Ladakh on motorbike to hear the voices of the people to understand their problems”, Gandhi said and added “the people alleged that their voices are being suppressed even though they were provided with the status of Union Territory”.

He said that people had told him that the promises made by the administration to provide jobs and employment proved all false.

The Congress leader said if anyone goes anywhere in Ladakh as any person, he will tell you that Ladakh is the epicenter of unemployment. He said the people also alleged that there is no good cell phone communication and Aeroplanes are not landing here despite having an airport.

The Wayanad MP said there are numerous people living in India of different religions, caste and speaking separate languages…they all should live honorably and peacefully.

Rahul promised the people that Congress party is with them to support them in saving their land, providing employment, safeguarding the culture and language always.

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