Rumour Mills Are Back In Kashmir

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Two years later, the rumours in Kashmir yet again began to fly in thick air. It was only in 2019 that Kashmir went through the chaos and tense situation after rumours of Article 370 abrogation covered the air.

The bizarre and restive scenes were spotted everywhere. Very few statements at that time came from the government in centre and erstwhile state and urged people to stay calm since nothing is going to happen.

But rumours dominated the minds and every Kashmiri believed something big is going to happen. On August 5, 2019, the fears turned true when the Union Government scrapped special constitutional position of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the erstwhile state into two union territories- Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. It was later under severe restrictions for several months to avoid any public resentment.

After two years later, the Kashmir is back to the rumour mills. Lots of speculations are in air. The government is also mobilizing large number of troops across several districts of Kashmir and Jammu regions. It is also said that rumours in Kashmir are never rumours and always turn into reality.

Some rumours are about further more splitting of Kashmir into provinces and merging its southern part with Jammu and to restore statehood to Hindu majority Jammu. On the other side, to carve out two more UTs of remaining parts of Kashmir. Some rumours are rounding to carve out a separate Hindu home land for Kashmiri pandits in Kashmir region and bring them back in bulk. The lesser apprehension is about the possibility of some sort of settlement about Kashmri between Pakistan and India followed by the talks mediated by UAE in last few months.

There is no definite guess anyone can have over the prevailing situation. The present regime in Delhi is known for playing big shots and throwing surprises to the people. It never made the advance announcements of its policies. The Kashmir, however, is directly under the rule of New Delhi.

The people post August 5, 2019 do not expect anymore surprises and rumour mills to rule over the roost. They want to live in a peaceful and congenial atmosphere where they are provided better economic opportunities and quality governance.

Encouraging rumour mills in Kashmir is detrimental to its peace and encouraging the elements wary to any positive development. So it is becoming mandatory for the Union government and state government to clear the air about ongoing chaos and allow people to heave the sigh of relief. As we are all aware that a large number of population in Kashmir is suffering with various psychological problems due to last thirty years of uncertainty and violence.

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