Saurabh Bhardwaj accused LG of playing politics of waterlogging, drains cleaning

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Delhi Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj on Tuesday took a dig at Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena for playing politics amidst heavy rains.

He said, “A few months ago LG was taking credit for cleaning drains and Yamuna by going on boat rides in the drains, now he is blaming Delhi government for waterlogging and choked drains.”

Bhardwaj, addressing a press conference here, slammed LG and said he accidentally exposes his own claims, it proves he was taking false credit for getting Delhi’s drains cleaned.

Delhi Minister said that LG, a few months ago, took the media along during all his visits to the Yamuna River and the drains of Delhi and claimed credit for cleaning them up. Now, he has suddenly turned around and blamed the Delhi government for not desilting the drains and said that the flood-like situation has arisen in the city due to this.

Last financial year, the finance department first stopped DJB’s funds, then gave such funds that DJB has a liability of about 850 crores for the last year itself, claimed Bhardwaj, Delhi government’s communique said.

Bhardwaj alleged, “The LG needs to come out and say that for the last six months he was falsely trying to take credit for something that he has not done. When you yourself were going around shouting out loud that you have cleaned these drains, today how can you turn around and blame the Delhi government for not cleaning them?”

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