Scores Of ‘Abhinav Gupt Yatris’ Stopped, Sent Back At Beerwah

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YATRAPolice on Sunday prevented scores of Yatris from entering the Beerwha town who were trying to reach Beerwah cave for ‘Abhinav Gupt Yatra’ by police officials.
An official told KNS that besides deployment of forces, temporary check points were also installed at all the entry points to the town to thwart the proposed Yatra, adding that more than a dozen of yatris tried to enter the town with the purpose of yatra.
Nonetheless, he said that the yatris were stopped and were sent back from the town.
An official said that check-points were laid at all the entry and exit points of the town to thwart the proposed ‘Abhinav Gupt Yatra’ to a cave by a New Delhi-based organization.
Deputy Commissioner, Mir Altaf Ahmad earlier said that Police and Paramilitary were deployed as routine and there was no addition in the forces deployed in the town.
Pertinently, a New Delhi-based organisation, Acharya Abhinav Gupt Samaroh Samiti, had announced the yatra to the cave in Beerwah, for the first time, in the second week of June.
The government spokesman and education minister Naeem Akhtar had said, “No such yatra will be allowed. This has been made clear already by Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minster.” (KNS)

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