Shah on Hijab controversy: Personally believe students should follow dress code

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BARABANKI, FEB 21 (UNI):- Union Home Minister Amit Shah waving to supporters during a public meeting for the ongoing UP polls, in Barabanki on Monday.

New Delhi, (UNI): Amid a controversy over students wearing ‘Hijab’ to school, Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said he believes people of all religion should accept school dress codes, adding that it was up to the court to take a decision as the matter is sub judice.

Commenting on the Hijab controversy in an interview to Network18, Shah said that the matter was in court, but his personal opinion was that a dress code in school should be followed by all.

“It is my personal belief that people of all religions should accept the school’s dress code. And the issue is now in court, and the court is conducting its hearings on the matter. Whatever it decides should be followed by all,” Shah said in an interview. “Ultimately, it has to be decided whether the country will function on the Constitution or whims.

My personal belief only remains until the court makes a decision. And once the court makes a decision, then I should accept it, and everyone should accept it. But, I still personally believe that every student should function according to the dress code and uniform mandated by the school,” he said.

When asked about the involvement of Campus Front of India, a student movement said to be affiliated with Popular Front of India (PFI), the minister replied, “These people may have their active involvement, but I’ll just say that their intentions will not come to fruition. The people of India will accept the court’s judgement once it comes.”

Asked about the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which saw protests erupting at multiple locations including the protest at Shaheen Bagh which went on for over 100 days, Shah said it was not the priority as the country faced Covid-19 pandemic.

“As long as we are not free from Covid-19, this can’t be a priority. We have seen three waves. Thankfully, things are getting better, the third wave is receding. The decision is linked to the Covid situation. But there is no question of going back on it. The question does not arise,” he said.

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