Sheikh Hasina- Modi meeting on Sep 8

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Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been fixed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dhaka has confirmed that the official meeting between the two Prime Ministers is going to be held on the first day of the visit to New Delhi September 8.

Several responsible officials told that Bangladesh had proposed a meeting between the two Prime Ministers (Hasina-Modi) on September 8 in the context of the proposed visit of French President Emmanuel Macron a day ahead. The Government of India and Prime Minister Modi’s office have agreed to it. Accordingly, the 8th meeting is final. However, the timing of the meeting has not been announced yet.

It should be noted that the head of the government of Bangladesh is attending the G-20 summit as a guest at the special invitation of India, the host country. In addition to the top leadership of the G20 alliance of the United States, France, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, more than 150 high-profile guests are participating in the conference. French President Emmanuel Macron is coming to Bangladesh on September 10 on his way back after attending one of the most exciting events in the history of India. And on the way to join it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is making a 20-hour stopover in Dhaka on September 7.

This will be the first visit to Bangladesh by a Russian foreign minister associated with the history of the birth of Bangladesh. For good reason, the head of the government of Bangladesh has to leave for Delhi after seeing the foreign minister of war ally Russia (September 8). And instead of waiting till the end of the full formalities of the G-20 summit (September 10th), Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has to return to Dhaka quickly (before the guests arrive) to welcome an important guest like the French President.

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