Side Effects Of Smart Phones

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Mir Amir Manzoor

Technology, electronic gadgets and numerous inventions in real means made whole universe a global village. If we talk about great achievements and inventions it would not be awful to count mobile phone and internet as the major breakthrough in day to day life technology.

On daily basis everyone be it old or young, , be it educated or illiterate, belonging to distant villages or towns is getting benefited by these gadgets on daily basis. If we look at last 10 years technology is going up and developing by leaps and bounds.

Definitely in this  timeless world internet and mobile phones ease in our daily workloads, must to say it is now impossible to think life without gadgets like mobile phone, internet. We came to know about the unexplored patches of land where nomads live quite in their own way.

Say no to excessive use of mobile phone

A 13 year old class 6 boy from MP died by suicide after losing 40,000 in free fire game. The boy left the note, in which he says he was depressed and sought apology from his mother. What else would be worse than this?

During pandemic, with the increase in cases there was also increase in use of mobile phones and computers, there was no option left other than online classes for students. Not only education sector but every dept. had advantage of mobile phones and computers like work from home and by virtual business meetings.

But besides advantages, an excess use of mobile phones, electronic gadgets and computers made whole masses addicted to them. Gradually technology overpowered us.

In other way we can say we lost combat to smart phones than to CoVid 19. We are slowly loosing the zeal of trying again. Excessive use of smart phones and computers limited our vision of creativity and mentality. Like other essentials small gadgets are becoming need of our daily life.

Side effects of mobile phones and computers

Mostly, when a user (addicted), by some reason looses access to his gadget that vary time stress level increases immediately, lost self control and temper. This type of mental imbalance is called nomophonia. The emitting radio waves damages skin which later on causes cancer (e.g., glioma and neuroma). Dependence leads to memory loss, for small calculations we often use inbuilt calculator of mobile phone.

This may cause memory loss and increase reaction time. Sleeping problem (insomnia) it has been seen most of people among us sleep late now and which disturbs sleep cycle of the person and might lead to problems like stress and depression. A side effect like hearing ringing sound in ears (tinnitus) is the result of excessive use of mobile phone.

Tinnitus damages ear drum. The least noticed thing is that mobile phones emit a radiation that causes skin problems. Almost every electronic gadget damages our skin. Frequent checking of phone disturbs while working, decreases efficiency and productivity of work. Due to constant strain in eyes, user goes through computer vision syndrome.

User experiences discomfort in eyes and vision problems. Improper position of body increases the risk of chronic pain syndrome (cps). That is also called I-posture which leads in neck pain, thumb and elbow pain mostly. The frequent use of mobile phone also increase risk related with high frequency magnetic waves. Data says there is increase in head ache, heaviness in chest and dizziness. T

he second most important in my view is decreasing pro-social relation. We may lose ability to interact with strangers. Mostly could be seen in a person who plays games all day and night, leaving a shy and introvert behind. Mobile phones if considered properly affect mostly the person set in with hearing aid, pacemaker and implantable defibrillators.

Study says that the children (13-18) old faced cyber bullying online.15% of which through online and around 10% through cell phone. According to survey bullying makes teenagers sad and unwilling to attend classes at school. The risk of psychosomatic disorders increases with the increase in cyber bullying.

Nearly 1 in 5 teenagers use mobile phone and spend 4 hours online daily.

Sep 2019.

Seeing people standing together but ignoring each other is common these days. According to pew research centre, 78% of teens have access to mobile phones, out of which one in four have direct access to internet. And definitely not all 78% use it to call their parents. Need of the hour is to use these gadgets very judiciously to prevent our health and benefit ourselves to maximum extent.

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