SL denies request by Hindu guru for asylum

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Sri Lanka has denied that controversial Hindu guru Nityananda has sought asylum in Sri Lanka.
The Daily Mirror on Tuesday quoted the President’s Office as saying that the purported request, as reported by a section of the Indian media, was not true.
Officials said there was no request from the Hindu guru to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, seeking a medical visa to enter Sri Lanka and then seek asylum.
“Even the foreign ministry has received no such request,” one official said.
It was reported in India last week that the self-styled godman and rape accused Nityananda had written to President Wickremesinghe on August 7, citing deterioration in his health.
Nityananda reportedly said in the letter that he needed “immediate” medical care. The letter also referred to the lack of medical infrastructure in the so-called sovereign state of “Srikailasa”, an island founded by himself off the coast of Ecuador. He said his “country” lacks medical infrastructure.
The so called Foreign Minister of Srikailasa also requested Sri Lanka to start diplomatic relations with his so-called country, the Indian media reported.
Seeking a safe passage for Nityananda, his “Minister” said Srikailasa would also bear the cost of medical treatment and everything else.
“Srikailasa will purchase and bring any medical equipment necessary for the treatment of … and will bear all medical expenses incurred in Sri Lanka. In addition, we, in our gratitude, leave medical equipment worth millions of dollars in Sri Lanka.”

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