Sopore Attack: Police Must Find Out Whose Bullet Killed My Father, Says Slain Man’s Daughter

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Nasir Azam
Family members of the civilian man who was killed during a militant attack on a CRPF party in Sopore town of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district yesterday asked police to come out with substantial evidence as to whose bullet killed their father.

“We respect IGP Kashmir. He has stated that family members of the slain man (Bashir Ahmed Khan) were not there. The fact is we were not there, but IGP too was not at the site of the incident,” said Iram Bashir Khan, slain man’s daughter, while speaking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) at their residence at HMT, Mustafabad, on Srinagar outskirts.

“If police are claiming my father got killed in crossfire then why is there not even a single scratch on his vehicle. The vehicle would have got damaged as well if my father was caught in the crossfire. Instead, the vehicle was parked on the roadside and my father’s body was lying beside the vehicle, which indicates he was brought down from his vehicle,” she said.

She said that none of the family members was present on the spot so they can’t claim he got killed by forces’ bullets. “IGP was himself not present on the spot so how can he say that he was killed by militants’ bullets. All we want is that the incident should be thoroughly investigated.”

“I can’t claim by whose bullet my father was killed. But I want to ask one question that when bullets are being fired will the person run away in his vehicle or will he come out and face the bullets?”

She said that they want justice and if her father was killed by militants’ bullets the authorities must prove it.  “Maybe my father got killed by militants’ bullets but it should be probed. All we want is justice. We have lost everything today.”

She told KNO that one must use common sense that why would a person come out of his vehicle when bullets are being fired and that too when he has a kid along with him. “Will he run away or will the person stop his vehicle to come out when bullets are being fired?”

“We want justice and nothing else and authorities must investigate the incident thoroughly. They must prove how my father got killed. But it is common sense when bullets are being fired and if the person is in his vehicle with a three-year-old grandchild run away to save himself and the kid or will he come out of his vehicle to face the bullets and that too when he has a kid along with him?” Iram questioned. She said her father was lying on the ground “in a hands-up pose” which is suspicious.

She said that in one of the pictures which have gone viral on social media, security forces could be seen stepping on her father’s body and it is evident from the pictures that how her father got killed.

“He could be seen in the pictures with his hands up and he has died in the same position, which indicates he was brought down from his vehicle,” she said—(KNO)

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