Srinagar Is J&K’s Cancer Capital

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District Srinagar has taken over as the J&K’s top cancer afflicted district pushing Jammu to the No 2 position, the government revealed on Friday. In 2015, Srinagar reported 898 cases as compared to 853 cases in Jammu.

Till 2014, Jammu was topping the list. It reported 829 cases in 2014 as compared to 765 cases in Srinagar. The overall number of cancer patients in J&K were at 4556 in 2011, 4848 in 2012, 5068 in 2013, 5568 in 2014 and 6358 in 2015, the government figures informed.

The region of Ladakh is numerically the least cancer impacted region. Unlike all other districts, it still has number of cancer patients in two digits – 62 in 2015, the highest ever. The region comprises twin districts of Leh and Kargil and not more than 250 thousand people living in the arid region.

Interestingly, district Baramulla is at position no 3 It reported 380 cases in 2011, 417 in 2012, 389 in 2013, 506 in 2014 and 573 in 2015.

In Jammu region, Kathua is playing second fiddle to Jammu. It reported 265 cases in 2015.

Adding further details, the house was informed that in case of men lung, throat, gastro intestinal and lymphoma cancers  are most common, while as in women cervical, breast, throat and other cancers are diagnosed the most.(Agencies)

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