Suicide And It’s Prevention: A Major Concern In Kashmir

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Mushtaq Bhat

Generally suicide is considered a violation of the code and is prohibited in almost every religion. Suicide attempt is a criminal offence in India under Section 309 of the IPC. It is tragic and a bitter fact that social evils  including drug abuse, domestic violence, disputes, divorces, and above all the rising graph of suicides particularly in Kashmir are increasing in a rapid rate and has caused great pain and anguish for every conscious human being. The increasing rate of suicidal cases is alarming and urgently requiring constructive action.

So far as attempting suicide is concerned there are many reasons that a person might consider suicide. Some people consider suicide due to specific events or life experiences, while others may do so because of a physical or mental health condition that causes them unbearable pain.

As per the daily news reports, at least one suicide case is recorded every alternative day in Jammu & Kashmir Union Territory and there is hardly a habitation or village that has been untouched by this incident. It is hard to see what a person is feeling on the inside, so to know the exact act & timing of suicide isn’t always easy. However some outward warning signs that a person may be contemplating suicide include;

  1. Talking about wanting to die.
  2. Talking about feeling hopeless, trapped, or alone.
  3. Talking about being a burden to others.
  4. Sleeping or eating more Or less than normal resulting in significant weight gain or loss.
  5. Searching for a means of doing personal harm.
  6. Engaging in reckless behaviours, including excessive alcohol or drug consumption.
  7. Avoiding social interactions with others.
  8. Expressing rage or intentions to seek revenge
  9. Showing signs of extreme anxiousness or agitation.
  10. Having dramatic mood swings

Talking about suicide as a way out

Suicide is a multifaceted problem and hence its prevention programmes should also be multidimensional. Besides Government, Teachers, parents’ friend and associates can play a pivotal role in reducing the rising figures. The first and foremost step in this battle is to create a wider strategy, stating a clear commitment to suicide prevention. Govt must restrict access to the most common means of suicide which could lower the graph.

An interested teacher can be a lifeline to a child in the crises especially those facing emotional or family troubles, need support and teacher can be a vital part of that support. Teachers have to play a positive social role for young people from dysfunctional families or who are isolated from their peers. Above all experts believe that parents have also a responsible role in preventing the suicide cases and protecting at-risk children by observing their outside changes. Parents have a huge ability to help a child express emotions effectively and to develop trust. Nobody wants to end their life. It is just about the situation. Sometimes people feel that their life is not in their control and there is no hope that it will get better. Parents can send the critical message that they will be there for them when things get tough.

Moreover, a friend can also evaluate the immediate danger his/her friend is in. Likely a Friend can help by offering an emphatic, listening ear, support and care. Hence suicide is preventable provided to know the risk factors and recognizing the warning signs. Let’s play a positive role by raising awareness and promoting joint action to protect those who are vulnerable to suicide.

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