Suicide, Is There Any Solution?

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Mir Amir Manzoor

Behind every curtain there resides darkness, the darkness of failures, financial crashes, violence and what not. Ending up life is not easy and not even justifiable in any religion. Life is all about fighting back no matter what we are going through.

Do Not Kill Yourselves Indeed ALLAH is the Merciful to You

Surah an-nisa|Ayah 29

The data says every year more than 800,000 people die of suicide. In fact the 17th leading cause of global deaths but it ranks 4th if we look towards 15 to 19 age group (WHO). It is quite shocking that teen agers end up their lives by giving up so easily. Around 1.3% deaths occur by attempting suicide worldwide. Sikkim has the highest suicide rate with 37.5 deaths per lac where as it is 3 among 1 lac in Jammu and Kashmir (2015). But taking recent situations into consideration it might have gone above 3 or more. The death causes like war and homicide is lagging behind fatal cause SUICIDE. The main reason is financial crushes as it has been observed that 77% of global suicides occur in low and middle income countries.

The first most suicide in a region (locality) is an invitation to others suffering from mental stress and anxiety. Although the majority of people who have depression do not die by suicide, having major depression does increase suicide risk compared to people without depression. The risk of death by suicide may, to some extent, be related to the harshness of the depression. There are also remarkable gender differences in lifetime risk of suicide in depression. While about 7 percent of men with a lifetime history of depression will die by suicide, only 1 percent of women with a lifetime history of depression will die by suicide.

Jammu and Kashmir

According to the recent reports the tension between two nations and the armed actions is the main cause of suicide in Jammu and Kashmir. Covid-19 also increases the stress level among people around the world, simultaneously increased the suicide rate in UT Jammu and Kashmir. Mostly unemployed youth   attempts suicide in j&k, in that rate of males is more than females which is all around world too. Particularly, suicide cases have seen a heave in the Kashmir valley in recent months, above all during the second wave of Covid-19. According to experts, economic distress, drug abuse and frequent domestic violence are the main reason for the rise in suicide cases in Kashmir.

How to encounter suicidal behavior?

There are very little traces about the guy who is going to take deadly step. Such behavior are considered psychiatric emergency. Most of the cases when studied were normal like others; it has been observed that less chatty persons are at risk of ending up their own life. Vivid mood swings, inattentive behavior and inactive interests are normally seen before. Cutting social relations, warnings and anxiety are main things seen in a person before attempting suicide.

 If you found someone involved in any of above behaviors, first of all do not make them feel useless and coward, limit the access to the weapons, poisonous substances and all things related to suicide. Seek help for mental assistance; try to provide them reasons for living life. May Allah bless us all with good health…!

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