Surge In Covid-19 Cases

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This week the Covid-19 tally in J&K crossed half a lakh mark and from last one week every day more than 1500 fresh cases are being reported from different districts of the UT. The death toll has also crossed 800 mark and nears about 1000.

What is disturbing is that now the cases are reported from Jammu and from past few days Jammu division has more cases than Kashmir which is an indication that deadly virus is spreading its tentacles in the parts of winter capital. When the first case was reported in Jammu in March the virus was under control as very few cases were reported from 10 districts of Jammu compared to Kashmir districts.

Even the people all across social media were praising government as well as the locals for following Standard Operation Procedures. Now Jammu is witnessing more number of cases than Kashmir.  Srinagar and Jammu districts are reporting more cases every day, the Srinagar has already witnessed more than 250 deaths and 11,000 COVID cases, likewise, Jammu also has more than 8000 cases and 90 deaths which presents a grim situation for which the government has to be made answerable as the J&K is not a big territory and could have been controlled had the officials acted promptly. However, we can’t put entire blame on the government only even the common people are responsible as they haven’t been observing the SoP’s and many still think this deadly disease can’t harm them and go on violating all the sorts of SoP’s.

Even non cooperation from the population forced the official’s to lodge cases against the people who indulged in neglecting SoP’s.  Recently police registered case against a family in the city for arranging a big wedding feast without caring the precaution and safeguards marked by the government.

The good thing about the government is that more than 11 lakh people have been tested across the 20 districts and everyday more than five to six thousand tests are being performed in the J&K. However, it seems that government is again taking things lightly especially after the people were allowed to quarantine at home. The another good thing is that death ratio is not alarming, however shortage of hospital beds as wells the oxygen is at time putting question mark on the government efforts for tackling this disease. Compared to other state, though JK has been better, but any leniency could be dangerous as the virus is still in the community.

The seroprevalence has also ruled out any herd immunity in any part of the JK, the survey was last month conducted by the Government medical college and the results were not so encouraging so people have been advised to take precautions especially wearing of masks and maintain social distancing. The government has already opened the lockdown in the entire UT and now it is mandatory for the people to take extra care, the disease is still controlled and everywhere in the COVID centers beds are available, however, the irresponsible nature from masses towards this disease could see thousands of cases coming every day which could put strain on the health care facilities.

Besides, government the biggest responsibility lies on the people especially till the government will have vaccine and there seems the vaccine will take few more months till then people have to behave responsibly.

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