Taliban ‘assures’ EU to uphold ‘legitimate’ rights

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Kabul, (UNI): Taliban-led delegation has informed the European Union’s representatives that Afghanistan’s new government will uphold the legitimate rights of the society.

“The participants shared their plans, recommendations, and information on the humanitarian and health situation, the educational process, and the needs of Afghanistan,” Taliban-appointed Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday.

It further said that the Taliban delegation has urged the European Union to “re-launch the suspended education process and to cooperate in the field of internet services for Afghan students to have access to online courses.”

The Ministry said, “The EU representatives called the current educational process in Afghanistan and its progress promising, and reminded of allocation of USD 11 million in this sector, saying that given the situation, we want to increase humanitarian, educational and health assistance in Afghanistan.

The delegation has also “re-assured” the EU that Taliban members “were committed to the legitimate rights of the society, professional staff was being recruited, mistreatment of officials from previous administration was toxic propaganda, and that experiencing the conditions, Afghans living abroad are returning home where their skills are utilized for the development of the country”.

Taliban tookover Kabul on August 15 last year.

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