Telangana DGP emphasises youth’s role in career mastery and community development

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Anjani Kumar, the Director General of Police (DGP) in Telangana, highlighted the significant role that youth should play in nation-building, social reforms, and overall development.

During a programme organised by the Akshaya Vidya Swachhand Sanstha at the DGP office, where 80 laptops were distributed to underprivileged students from various slums in Hyderabad, the DGP urged educated youth to identify and guide their peers who may be on the wrong path.

He emphasised that development should not solely focus on infrastructure but also on uplifting marginalised sections of society.

The DGP encouraged young professionals to cultivate a habit of helping others after securing good jobs.

Anjani Kumar acknowledged that the youth of a nation determines its future while cautioning against the allure of negative influences.

He urged the youth to sincerely strive to prevent their peers from straying down the wrong path.

He highlighted Telangana as the fifth-largest state in terms of economic development, offering abundant job opportunities in sectors such as IT, pharma, and human resources.

The DGP emphasised that youth are key players in the progress of science, technology, sports, and other fields.

He commended the voluntary organisations for their valuable support in enabling the youth to fulfil their roles effectively.

The DGP extended special congratulations to Ramesh, a young man who secured admission to IIT Kharagpur.

The program was attended by IG Ramesh Reddy and representatives from various voluntary organizations, as per a police statement.

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