The Love For “Undead Fantasy”

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Mir Muhammad Nayyar Azam

“Good Friends, Good books and a sleepy conscience ….. That is the ideal life.”

It is quite impossible to remain idle all the time in this lockdown without doing any kind of work , In such a situation where movement of the people has come to a naught , one cannot move out fearing the deadly virus , I developed the habit of book reading.

I started reading some novels and Islamic literature and I got a chance to get know different legendary authors.

My Days  authored by R.K Nayrayan ,Lost In Terror by Nayeema Mahjoor , Train To Pakistan by Khushwant Singh , The Half Mother by Shahnaz Bashir , Kashmir Rage and Reason By Gowher Geelani and ” Undead Fantasy ” by Abid Shahin ,a young and blooming author of our valley.

I got highly impressed with this poetry collection of Abid Shaheen, wonderful, how can a boy still in his teens write poetry like this, I mean this is not everyone’s cup of tea to write beautiful poems in such a young age.

Abid , apart from being a blooming poet , writes columns for dailies , both local as well as international.

This is astonishing and outstanding, such examples are quite rare.

A diverse range of poems together from ‘Undead Fantasy’ rightfully titled because Abid tries to convey the personal struggles and experiences that the life presents in front of everyone.

While reading this poetry collection, I felt every poem is talking to me; this is extraordinary in this book. Moulana Moududi (ra) , Allama Iqbal (ra) and Moulaie Rome (ra) like legends have inspired the author, as is written at the end of the book , in almost every poem reader feels this deep rooted influence in author.

“I am not afraid of death

For death is a wedding

Union with the beloved

I love my harsh darling

That sweet shy bride.  ”

“Undead Fantasy”, is really a masterpiece and commendable work by author. As I mentioned earlier, it is not an easy task to write poetry and write-ups in such a young age where academic pressure as well as teenage hinders such works.

I tried my level best to read “Undead Fantasy” in one sitting, but it couldn’t happen. I was in the middle when I had to lend it to someone, after two days he returned it back with his actual words as:

“It is an amazing collection from a budding author of Kashmir. I have never come across such a brilliant work.”

I took word after word , step after step into a new world while reading the book .There’s something deeply, intensely cathartic about going on a complete journey with the poems and then sitting up, adjusting your eyes and parachuting back to reality. It’s magical.

It was fascinating to glimpse into the poet’s perception and view the world through his eyes.

I wish “Undead Fantasy ” receives widespread love and acceptance and I hope Abid continues to bestow upon us with such beautiful gifts.

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