‘The Vaccine War’ propaganda film in good sense: Actor Prakash Belawadi

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In a sarcasm, ‘The Kashmir Files’ famed actor Prakash Belawadi said,” The Vaccine War” is a propaganda film in a good sense.

He also said it is necessary to do propaganda on the invention of new vaccines to make people trust in its efficacy.

“I have seen ‘The Vaccine War’ (film). The film is more of a propaganda film rather than the Kashmir Files because it promotes and eulogises the work of the Indian scientists in Indian organisations in cooperation with the government to manage Covid.

In that sense, it is a propaganda film. I use this word in a good sense. Suppose you invent a new vaccine, you must do propaganda for people to make people trust its efficacy,” Belawadi told UNI here on Thursday.

“To me propaganda is good or bad depending on what your propaganda is,” the actor who is also a film director and theatre artiste.

Belawadi said ‘The Vaccine War’ is a very good film and Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has given a very good treatment on science. Moreover, the film does not look like an arts film at any point and is very engaging.

“It really does not matter what critics write. It is very important that the message reaches in an engaging way. In fact it is a very engaging film. You never get bored for a second,” he said.

Touching on media bashing in the film, Belawadi said, “The Vaccine War could be accused of being very harsh to the media, but if the media is willing to give it, it should be willing to take it.”

‘The Vaccine War’ is in the news as a section of media are labelling it as a propaganda film, painting them in a negative role.

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