This Is Probably The Smallest Android PC You Can Buy Right Now

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New X96 device is almost as small as a pack of chewing gum    Android
X96, a popular manufacturer of entry level Android and Windows 10 thin clients, has just unveiled a new smart stick based on Android that plugs straight into a TV or monitor.

At $89.99 from Gearbest , it sells for a tidy premium compared to the H96 Max which has a fairly similar specification but is also far bigger and can’t be slipped into your jeans’ front pocket.

HDMI sticks are a bit like Marmite but they serve a very useful purpose. The X96s is one of the smallest Android computers you will find on the market and is powerful enough for most office tasks especially as it supports Miracast.


That tiny form factor means that you won’t have a lot of room to manoeuvre,  especially as it is barely bigger than a pack of chewing gum at 98 x 33 x 13mm.

Despite this, the X96S still packs in a quad-core CPU that runs Android 8.1, 4GB of RAM, 32GB storage, a microSD card reader and a full size USB port. Along with Bluetooth and 802.11ac, it also comes with a number of useful accessories like a remote control, an IR receiver and a HDMI cable.

Who does it target then? Trade and businesses where space is at a premium and who are already using the VESA mount. Think frontdesk staff and receptionists; also digital signage (the X96 support miracast) for restaurants, high street retailers etc. (Agencies)

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