TMC leader Derek O’Brien suspended from RS

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Senior TMC leader and Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien was suspended from the House on Tuesday following a spat with Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar over a discussion under Rule 267 on Manipur violence.

After Dhankhar rejected all the notices for discussion on Manipur violence under Rule 267, O’Brien stood up to raise a point of order.

On the Chairman asking the TMC leader for quoting the rule under which he wanted to raise a point of order, a war of words ensued.

“We need to communicate that we are ready for discussion on Manipur, but not the way they (government) want it,” he said in a raised voice.

As O’Brien spoke in a raised voice and insisted on discussion on the Manipur issue, the Chairman said that members rising from their seats to raise a point of order should first quote the rule.

“Raise a point of order, do not make a speech on that,” the Chairman advised the TMC floor leader.

“You will rise, you will not raise a point of order, you will not wait for my ruling; and you will occupy space. That can’t be done. If you are sure there is a point of order, then go with the rule book approach or the text book approach. Here, tell me under which rule you raise a point of order, first the rule,” he said further.

On this, O’Brien mentioned Rule 267 and raised his voice.

Dhankhar then named Derek O’Brien and asked him to leave the House.

Leader of the House Piyush Goyal then moved a motion for the suspension of O’Brien for the remainder of the monsoon session for continuously disturbing the proceedings of the House, disobeying the Chair, and continuously creating disturbance in the House.”

The House was soon adjourned to meet at 12 noon amid a ruckus.

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