Tourists throng Mughal gardens in Kashmir to witness magical hues of Autumn season

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Tourists are thronging Mughal gardens in Kashmir to witness the magical hues of Autumn season.

Autumn season is at its peak in Kashmir valley before the onset of the winter and trees including mighty Chinars in the gardens have turned from green to red and golden to yellow representing a view of an entirely different atmosphere around.

Anand Kothari, a tourist from Indore, drove straight to the Mughal garden Nishat along with his family to view the changing colours of the Autumn season in Kashmir.

“The yellow colour of the mighty Chinar trees in Mughal garden Nishat looks absolutely beautiful” he said.

Kothari’s wife described the weather, atmosphere, and Autumn season of Kashmir as extremely beautiful and expressed joy to be here on a trip in the best way.

Another family member of the Kothari family said that he had heard that November is the best season to visit Kashmir to enjoy the Autumn season along with the likely snow on the higher mountains.

“I can see that the atmosphere and weather is so good that we can enjoy our trips here very nicely”, he said and added. ”we were so excited to see snow on the mountains when our plane was moving over the Kashmir valley”.

Sanjay Subedar, another tourist from Bengaluru who has been to Kashmir for the first time after visiting the Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu described the Autumn colours as mesmerizing .

“The yellow colour of the mighty Chinar trees in Mughal garden Nishat looks absolutely beautiful and astonishing” he said.

Kashmir valley is known for its mesmerizing natural look especially in Autumn and tourists all across the world plan their visit as soon as the trees start shedding layers of leaves after changing colours.

The leaves changing colours from green to yellow, brown and Red marks the onset of Autumn in Kashmir with trees starting shedding crispy leaves making the topographical atmosphere heavenly all across.

Autumn in Kashmir is also called golden season which splashes the place in all shades creating frames out of a fairytale.

The falling of golden leaves on the ground in the parks and gardens of Srinagar including Mughal Garden of Nishat and Shalimar besides Naseem Bagh and Chinar Bagh where a huge number of Chinar trees exit lure tourists of their visit.

These places are the most famous for their breathtaking view during the season that creates a magical golden aura for the visitors who enjoy the walk over the leaves with the crackle music voices turning around.

There are four seasons in Kashmir– spring, summer, autumn and winter. All the four seasons of Kashmir present a unique and picturesque view of Kashmir. But the autumn season creates a breathtaking view for visitors with the leaves of trees turning golden and reddish, making it the best season to visit Kashmir for the nature lovers during November.

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