Two killed, 3 injured as houses collapsed partially in Agra

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Two people, including a child, were killed and three others were injured when two houses collapsed partially after a portion of an old mansion caved in due to heavy rain in the Bah area of Agra district here in Uttar Pradesh on Friday, police sources said here.

Police sources said that there is a more than 300-year-old mansion in Umreth village that is in ruins and uninhabited. “Due to heavy rain on Thursday night, a portion of the old mansion caved in around 4 a.m. on Friday,” they said.

Police sources said that two houses built adjacent to the mansion were impacted in the incident and collapsed partially. “Five people living in the houses were buried under the debris. The local residents informed the police, after which the debris was removed with the help of the JCB machine,” they said.

Police sources said that the injured were taken to the Pinahat community health centre, where doctors declared Tanvi (1) and Vinod (50) dead. “Raunak (4), Indravati (45), and Lakshmi (28) sustained serious injuries in the incident and have been referred to the district hospital,” they said.

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