UP will become 1 trillion-dollar economy in five yrs: Yogi

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Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said that according to the vision of the Prime Minister it is the state government’s mission to make Uttar Pradesh a 1 trillion-dollar economy.

During a review meeting with officials of various departments related to the state’s income-expenditure and one trillion dollar economy, Yogi said, “Officers should concentrate on core sectors for this and our core sectors are manufacturing, IT and ITES, religious tourism and agriculture. Apart from this, we also need to give a special focus on sectors like energy, health, urban development, education, food processing and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME),” he said.

The officials informed the CM that there is a plan to develop the major metropolitan cities of the state as hubs for different sectors. In this series, preparations are on to make Lucknow the country’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) city.

He discussed with the officials how to make the state a hub for green energy. Aiming to make UP a 1 trillion dollar economy, he gave a vision of ‘UP for UP, UP for India, UP for Global’ for the state. He said that now is the time for UP.

The CM said, “Utilising all its potentials, UP will establish itself as the most important base for the nation’s multidimensional growth.”

Fixing sector-wise short-term and long-term strategies according to UP’s potential, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has set a time frame of five years to achieve this ambitious goal. He said that UP will become a state with an economy of 1 trillion dollars by 2027.

Issuing directives to the officers, Yogi said, “To make the state a 1 trillion dollar economy we must move quickly. More technology will have to be used to bring transparency in the system. Any type of pendency will not be tolerated at all. UP has a base of 96 lakh units of MSMEs. To make the state a trillion-dollar economy, there is a need to plan on a large scale regarding this.”

While reviewing the construction sector, he said that 54 lakh houses have been constructed for the poor in the state. Directing the officers, he said that registration of all types of construction works must be done.

The CM said, “Use technology for this. We should have a record of every construction work going on in the cities and villages. The safety of registered construction projects should be guaranteed by this system. Arrange for insurance against any accidents that may occur during or after the registered construction work.”

He said, “Every construction project related to infrastructure should be registered. This will increase transparency. Along with this, it should be kept in mind that any construction work should be done only on barren and infertile land. Construction work should not be done on agricultural land.”

Yogi said that as per the vision of the Prime Minister’s, UP is the first state where the task of releasing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the districts has been done. “This work was halted during the Covid period and needs to be resumed. Publish the GDP of the districts along with the data of income and expenditure from various resources of the entire district. This data should also be sent to various universities for study,” he said.

He said that each department should make full use of its resources to generate income. “Efforts should be made to further improve the ranking of Ease of Doing Business by giving traders a transparent system,” he said.

The CM suggested that the system be made so transparent that no businessmen or entrepreneurs doing business in the state or wishing to do business should have any fear.

He said that One District One Product (ODOP) has been empowered by removing all legal restrictions. “The work that should have been done after independence was started in 2017. Today, lakhs of people are associated with the tourism industry in the state,” he said.

Yogi said, “There has been a growth of more than 24 percent in this sector. There is no such tourist place in the state where even a single hotel or guest house is empty. Prepare the entire mechanism for an accurate assessment of the tourists coming to the state. Use AI technology if needed.”

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