US easily rejects any documents it signed: Putin

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Moscow, (UNI/Sputnik): The United States easily refuses any agreements and any documents that it signed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “There are no guarantees at all, because the United States easily refuses any agreements, any documents that it signs.

But nevertheless, at least something must be put on paper and recorded as an international legal act. Today we cannot agree on this as well,” Putin said at a large meeting of the Russian Security Council on Monday.

He recalled that some NATO countries had opposed the admission of Ukraine to the alliance, however, in 2008, a memorandum had been signed in Bucharest, “which opens the door for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO.”

“There is no answer to my question — why did you do this? Under pressure from the United States. Here is the answer. But if they took one step under pressure from the United States, where do we have guarantees that they will not take a second step under pressure? There are no such guarantees,” Putin added.

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