We Teach Counter Violence, Not Krav Maga, MMA Or Any Other Martial Art : Kashmir Combatives

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KC has developed a self-protection training program called Counter Violence Training (CVT) back in 2016. It is an amalgam of principles and tactics taken from various reality-based combat systems and real-life violence. KC read and analyse various combat systems and real-life violent encounters and update their curriculum/programme accordingly.

Kashmir combatives doesn’t claim to train or promote people in any particular style of combat, be it MMA, Krav Maga, JKD, or any other martial art form.

Neither they claim to have the legal authority to promote or train people in any particular martial art style or combat system.

It is hereby declared that Kashmir Combatives doesn’t have any franchise and does not give its affiliation to any individual or organization. Therefore any individual or Organization claiming to teach KC’s CVT Programme or any subpart of its curriculum is fake and shouldn’t be relied upon.

Furthermore, Kashmir Combatives is not affiliated with any combat organization or martial arts venture. As such, any individual or organization claiming to have given affiliation to Kashmir Combatives or claiming to have blacklisted/banned any member of KC from their curriculum is bogus, untrue, unfounded, and shouldn’t be relied upon.

Any of the attempts done by anyone, as mentioned above, is either to gain monetary benefits using affiliation of Kashmir Combatives or to malign the image of Kashmir Combatives for their vested interests.

Kashmir Combatives is a combat training facility founded by Ashfaq Wani and is located in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The founder of  Kashmir Combatives is trained in multiple martial arts and combat systems and is in the field of training and teaching from the last 20 years. Kashmir Combatives CVT Programme is all based on his personal study of combat systems and real-life experiences.

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