What Is Happening At Doodhpatri

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The mercury in Kashmir valley is soaring high these days like other parts of the country. The temperature has been hovering over 30 degrees Celsius for the last two months.

From September onwards, the temperature will gradually decrease and eventually the winter will arrive. In the meanwhile, however, the   people to evade heat wave are heading towards the higher reaches where the temperature is relatively low and have serene environs to enjoy. This is normally happening in summers.

The meadows and other tourist destinations this year witness an unprecedented rush. Doohpathri, a newly developed tourist destination seems on the top of the list among all the tourist places.

Locally, it is gaining enormous popularity given the gushing water streams and unending kail forests in its backyard. But this popularity does little good to the place and harms it more economically as well as ecologically.

The local gujjar tribe which are raising cattle and sheep in these forests claim that free vehicle movement inside the green pastures are destroying the grass meant for cattle.

Not only that, littering is also a major concern. Lots of cattle according to locals eat plastic bags and fall sick. The veterinary doctors even confirm that packets of junk food with saline taste are being consumed by the cattle in the area due to which they suffer chronic illness.

Ironically, the government authorities for the development of the destination are either unaware of the facts or deliberately abdicating their responsibilities to protect this place. It is a bitter truth that most of the tourist destinations in Kashmir have lost the sheen over the years due to an official apathy. Gulmarg, Dal Lake and many other places are some of the best examples.

To promote tourism and allied activities, the government of Jammu and Kashmir cannot shun its responsibility of protecting the flora and fauna of the valley. Ecology of the region cannot be subservient to our economic interests. Exploring the new tourist destinations without the road map is certainly heading Kashmir for an ecological disaster.

We may not only lose our green gold rapidly but the water bodies are also perishing from Kashmir. Let the government work on it alongside promoting tourism in Kashmir.

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