Why PAGD Is Upset With APM

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Asem Mohiuddin

Two weeks after the All Party delegation met Prime Minister Narender Modi at his official residence in New Delhi, the PAGD expressed its displeasure and disappointment with the outcome of the meeting.

The PAGD that came into existence on August 4 2019, after fearing massive constitutional changes in Jammu and Kashmir was formed by six main political parties of Kashmir to protect and safeguard the constitutional interests of erstwhile state.

The delegation of PAGD met the Prime Minister last month on June 24 after he extended the invitation to all the major political leaders of Union Territory. Political pundits in the country believed it as an ice breaking moment between New Delhi and Kashmir based mainstream political parties.

The Kashmir based political parties too decided to seize an opportunity and went Delhi to meet the Prime minister and Union Home minister. Although only the limited information was disclosed by both the sides after the three long hours, what has actually transpired between the two sides is yet to be known.

However, the waters seem to be crystal clear now since the PAGD showed its complete displeasure at the outcome of the meeting after fifteen days. Sources inside the PAGD told The Legitimate that certain promises were made to them by the Union Home minister and Prime minister as Confidence Building Measures.  Though they have been waiting in Srinagar, nothing such was announced and left the local mainstream leadership red-faced.

“You know the local political leaders moved to New Delhi against the popular will in Jammu and Kashmir. We were hoping that it will break the ice and certain CBMs will be announced for further engagements. Two weeks have gone but nothing came up,” said a senior political leader and PAGD member, wishing not to be named.

“This has brought, he said, our leadership under immense pressure and we have been left with no justification to meet the PM and HM”.

Evidently, the chief spokesman of the PAGD Mohammad Yousaf Tarigami also told media on Monday that New Delhi wants to impose its own interests on Kashmir and is “unfortunately not listening to our demands.”

“They are in hurry to hold elections in Jammu and Kashmir, but not bothered to restore its statehood,” he said

 “Are we all in prison? How long will the police and bureaucracy rule with arbitrary powers in Jammu and Kashmir,” he questioned and said that certain CBMs are necessary to be taken by New Delhi to restore confidence among the people of Kashmir.

He demanded the immediate release of political prisoners and vowed to continue to raise voices for the ‘genuine’ demands including restoration of statehood.

But on the other side the people have different perceptions regarding the PAGD and believe that they have got exposed after the All Party Meet.

“They took the decision in haste to meet the PM and HM in New Delhi. The Government of India achieved gains internationally after the joint photograph was released to the media,” said a Kashmir based journalist, who insisted not to be named since his organization bars his staffers from speaking on official matters.

“Back home, the reviews and public opinion regarding the meeting put the PAGD in neither troubled waters. Neither they got statehood back nor any concessions as face saving. People question their engagement with New Delhi now”.

The meeting on June 24 was the first one between New Delhi and Kashmir based mainstream leadership after the Union Government abrogated provisions of Article 370 on August 5, 2019 and bifurcated the erstwhile state into two Union Territories-Ladakh and Jammu Kashmir. Both the regions are directly governed by New Delhi.

After an All party meeting, the Union Home minister said that he is committed to complete the delimitation process followed by the elections in the UT. He, however, didn’t utter any assurances for the restoration of statehood which didn’t go well among the local political parties.

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