Acknowledging NEET UG Qualifiers: The future doctors

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To begin with — I would like to pay my best wishes to all the NEET – UG 2022 qualifiers for their success in such a great competitive national level examination. It is indeed a moment of great pleasure that a lot more students aspire for medical entrance exams to become doctors and crack such exams with highest sort of determination, hard work, passion, zeal and enthusiasm.

While every success story of cracking a competitive exam is unique and dignified in itself and should be celebrated with flying colours and vigour — however it should be with humbleness by being enough grateful and thankful to Almighty Lord. As the more you give credit of your success to Lord and be thankful to Him – the more you get closer to Him and seek His pleasure.

I believe that cracking an exam is just an ignition spark for achieving a dream –that comes true when you create a positive impact and revolutionize lives in the society through the fulfillment of that ignition spark and application of knowledge to your level best.

It will be worth mentioning here that every professional should have the prime motivation of creating a positive impact in the society and bring revolution in the lives of people. I would say that every proffesion is unique and dignified in itself and envisages with a core idea of service to humanity directly or indirectly through a unique way of professional approach, awareness and integrity.

Tomorrow being a doctor, suppose you received a patient who is bed-ridden, couldn’t do things that he could have done while being in health normally, his life gets shattered for a moment of life being ill. A doctor comes to amuse the patient and with the cure of Almighty Lord the patient gets off -bed and starts again a healthy life. The doctor by amusing the patient brings change/revolution in his (patient’s) life. 

Moreover, enlightening a patient through all dimensions of health is revolutionary to the life of a patient. Besides encouraging clinical, physical, social, mental, emotional, intellectual dimensions — spiritual dimension is cornerstone. Most of the times I could realise a patient gets relief beyond words by enlightening him spiritually.

Counselling a patient pragmatically forms an important part of managing his/her concerns and ensuring welfare. Getting into the shoes of a patient, developing empathy, sympathy, love, care and giving him/her hope in a state when he/she might be feeling hopeless/ emotionally down/ helpless because of the struggle he/she is going through – is the best way to bring revolution and positively impact the life of a patient.

A patient is the best noble teacher for a doctor other than the teacher who taught him in a medical school. A patient gives a doctor an opportunity to serve humanity, to please Almighty Lord and to teach him morally, practically and ethically. More often, I used to invest time in counselling patients and give them enough motivation to live life with a disease. When patient gives a hopeful smile at the end that becomes the moment of my great satisfaction.

Having said that – I would feel emulated while reading success stories and interviews of many qualifiers and highly applause their thoughts and mission for future. And I would like to advise the qualifiers to effectively focus on enhancing their clinical cum communication skills while dealing with patients during training and take every patient as a noble teacher, besides the teacher who shall taught you in the medical school during academic training classes. 

Because, I believe besides diagnosing and treating a patient clinically, positive counselling of a patient by his doctor with immense care, concern and love during the course of treatment forms an important part in the line of management. Besides that, better communication skills and effective counselling acts as a strong pillar in developing trust in a doctor- patient relationship, and improving the quality of life of a patient.

Moreover, I would say that patients are the most important visitors to us. We are literally dependent on them and I believe it is a mutual benefit between a doctor and a patient — a doctor gets an opportunity to serve humanity and earn his livelihood by amusing his patients. Likewise a patient gets an opportunity to get himself treated and stay healthy and happy on visiting a doctor.

In conclusion, I would like to say to our future doctors that the journey you are likely to step-in is going to be inspiring, challenging and full of worthwhile lessons and life-changing experience. Lastly saying, the candidates who couldn’t make it this time should not lose their hope rather should stay competent, confident, mindful, hopeful and courageous in their journey and start smartly preparing for the next exam.


(Author is a medical doctor and columnist. Email: [email protected] 

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