Biden says US-China relations on ‘right trail’ after Blinken visit to Beijing

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President Joe Biden said the relationship between the United States and China is on the “right trail” after Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Beijing and spoke with Chinese leaders, according to the White House press pool.

“He did a hell of a job,” Biden said on Monday. “We’re on the right trail here.”

The US president said he has been receiving updates of Blinken’s meeting with Chinese leaders through White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

Over the weekend, Blinken made a long-awaited trip to Beijing to meet with senior Chinese officials, including President Xi Jinping, in an attempt to improve relations that had spiraled to new lows over a number of issues, including a possible confrontation over Taiwan.

Although Blinken described the talks as constructive, he noted that China did not agree to restore military-to-military channels for managing crisis communications.

The US government has enraged Beijing by repeatedly sending military aid to Taiwan. Beijing opposes any official contacts of foreign states with Taipei and considers Chinese sovereignty over the island to be indisputable.

Blinken reiterated during his trip that the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan, but voiced concerns to China about its alleged proactive actions.

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