By abrogating Article 370 Modi government did un-done work of Congress: Jitendra Singh

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Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Monday said that by abrogating Article 370 the Modi Government did what the Congress governments should have done.

Talking to media persons in Srinagar on the sidelines of a function, Jitendra said as for Article 370 is concerned whether the hearing will take place in Supreme Court or not, “the constitution which has written the Article 370, the same constitution has mentioned it as temporary”.

“When discussions were held in the Constituent Assembly, Dr Shama Prashad Mukherji once suggested looking into article 370… It was Pandit Nehru’s words that Dr Mukherji don’t take it so serious it will erase by the time”, he claimed

He said Congress could not erase it.

‘As time passes they (Congress) mingled in their own political interests. Modi Government has done the work which Congress governments should have done years before”, he said.

“I think that Congress should thank the Modi government for their incomplete work done by this government. The Congress had itself written Article 370 as temporary and that temporary and their promises were completed by the Modi Government”, Jitendra said.

In a question about elections and democratic setup in Jammu and Kashmir, he said democratic setup already exists in Jammu and Kashmir with the Panchs and Sarpanches, BDC and zila committees are there.

He said, “There was no democracy in Jammu and Kashmir earlier. It has been restored after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the reins of the country.”

“Narendra Modi as Prime Minister has completed nine years and India has gained its popularity in

the world, he said and added Prime Minister Modi has become the tallest leader in the world and the world is keeping an eye on India on different issues that would be their (India’s) stance.

He said India is going to launch Chandriyan and with the landing of it on the moon India will become 4th country in the world in space programme.

Prime Minister Modi has provided a new atmosphere during the past nine years to India which has encouraged our scientists and India today stands with America’s NASA, he added

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