EYVA records one mln scans with revolutionary non-invasive approach

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 EYVA, a pioneer in wellness technology, proudly announces a remarkable achievement in its journey towards transforming the wellness landscape.

The world’s 1st wellness gadget, EYVA, has crossed a significant milestone by conducting over 1 million non-invasive scans, including groundbreaking non-invasive blood glucose monitoring.

This achievement reaffirms EYVA’s commitment to revolutionising wellness behaviour and empowering individuals to prioritize self-care, all from the comfort of their homes.

With EYVA, it’s easy for people and their families to keep track of their blood sugar and other important health issues.

They have made a special gadget called EYVA that can help people take care of their health without any needles or pain.

It was created in 2022 and is really important to help people stay healthy.

EYVA gained global recognition through its successful participation at CES and VivaTech, prestigious tech events in the US and France respectively.

Additionally, EYVA was acknowledged by the Telangana IT Minister during the ‘Made in Telangana’ MedTech event.

EYVA aims to continue making progress in the wellness tech industry and hopes to help individuals and families worldwide improve their health.

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