‘Future battles against hunger, poverty, ignorance and want.’

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 National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval acknowledged the message from the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, emphasizing the importance of living in harmony and peace to safeguard humanity’s future. 

Here are the highlights of his speech: Dr Al Issa’s message is loud and clear. We need to live together to protect humanity.

Dr Al-Issa an authentic global voice of moderate Islam, NSA Ajit Doval.

Dr Al Issas message very important for young minds.

We are proud of the excellent relations that exist between India and Saudi Arabia.- NSA Ajit Doval.

Dr Al-Issa persuasively articulated inter-faith harmony.

Prophet Mohammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him), noble wife Hazrat Khadija (RA), had a liking for silk and Kashmiri shawls from India

India, the world’s largest democracy and the mother of democracies, is a land of incredible diversity.

India a melting pot of cultures, religions, and languages that coexist in harmony

As an inclusive democracy, India has successfully managed to provide space for all its citizens, regardless of their religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds

Islam developed a unique syncretic tradition, kinetic and dynamic, that is deeply rooted in the ethos of Indian cultural life.

Indian Muslim population is almost equal to the combined population of around 33-member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The deep spiritual content of Hinduism and Islam brought the people together and helped in bringing about a social and intellectual understanding of each other.

Historians need to appreciate power social undercurrents of unity in India

Islam in India gave rise to a distinct and vibrant expression of peace and harmony

Dr Al-Issa a promoter of civilizational rapprochement

The Holy Quran emphasizes the importance of unity and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

Quranic message facilitates mutual acquaintance and recognition.

India’s enduring tradition of accommodation is a testament to India being a deeply rooted multiethnic, multi-religious, and multilingual society.

India emerged as a sanctuary for persecuted people of all faiths from across the world since times immemorial

This philosophy of cooperation and dialogue in Islam has over the centuries merged seamlessly with the ancient Hindu civilizational tradition of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is One Family’.

NSA Doval invokes Swami Vivekanada’s famous speech to send a message of unity.

India was nurturing a Sufi renaissance at a time when Islam was in threat after the fall of Baghdad

India a product of cultural fusion, the syncritic consciousness permeates through common people.

India was nurturing a Sufi renaissance at a time when Islam was in threat after the fall of Baghdad

The edifice of modern India is built on the principles of equal rights, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities.

Dissent doesn’t mean disintegration.

The edifice of modern India is built on the principles of equal rights, equal opportunities and equal responsibilities.

India continues to play its role as a refuge for heterodox ideas with infinite capacity to absorb dissent.

No religion is under any threat in India. 

The challenge of extremism and global terrorism compels us not to lower our guard.

As a proud civilizational state, India believes in promoting tolerance, dialogue and cooperation to deal with the challenges of our time.

It was no coincidence that despite having around 200 million Muslims, the involvement of Indian citizens in the global terrorism has been incredibly low.

To preserve the security and stability within our borders and also rise to the security challenges beyond, India has been leading the fight – the fight against individuals and organizations – who are promoting extremism, narcotics and terrorism.

NSA Doval recollects the attack on Grand Mosque in Mecca in 1979 to underscore the need for counter-terrorism

India has also been a victim of terrorism for many decades.

In the war against terror, even in the face of grave provocations, India has steadfastly upheld the rule of law, rights of its citizens and protection of human values and rights.

Terrorism not linked to any religion. Spiritual leaders need to counter extremists.

India is an extremely responsible power but when the need for a hot pursuit against terrorist havens was felt, we have gone all out to destroy terrorism in our national interest.

We, in India believe in doctrines of convergence, dialogue and peace leading to conflict avoidance and mitigation.

Only with mutual trust and cooperation among nations, civil societies, religions and people of the world that security, stability, sustainable development and a dignified life for all citizens can be ensured.

As our Prime Minister says, this is no more the age of war.

Future battles for the good of humanity will have to be fought against hunger, poverty, ignorance and want.

In today’s world, with complex geopolitical challenges confronting us, religion has to become a beckoning light for the humanity to usher into an era of peace and harmony.

Our differences will have to take a backseat

Dr AL-Issa’s visit today is an opportunity to deepen the cooperation between our two countries and explore new avenues for partnership.

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