Congress President Rahul Gandhi Must Resign: BJP

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Jammu: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Vice-President & Prabhari for Jammu & Kashmir state, Avinash Rai Khanna on Monday said that Rahul Gandhi must resign from his post.

Khanna was addressing media persons along with BJP State President Ravinder Raina (Ex. MLA), State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh and Spokesperson Dr. Tahir Choudhary at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.

He said that what Congress party led by its National President told was nothing but a bunch of lies and it has infact done PhD in telling lies.“The Supreme Court of India gave clear judgment on the Rafale Case even pertaining to its price. SC has cleared that the deal was totally transparent,” he said as per a statement issued to KNO.

He out rightly rejected all the allegations put forth by opposition parties. “Even after this, Congress is doing vicious campaign and is running from healthy discussions on the topic and only resorting to baseless allegations. Congress is out rightly rejecting verdict given by honorable SC.

This is International issues not just a domestic or private issue and they must not try to fiddle with such issues,” he said.

Khanna said that, this was the need of Indian Air force which was taken at the top priority by the BJP led NDA government. “Congress tried to delay the decisions for in the National interest. Congress is the culprit for this,” he said.

Regarding JPC, he asked that why Congress doesn’t want to involve more than 800 members on the topic and discuss it in 30 members only.

“We want to bring to your notice that in the matter of Rafael Agreement, the Indian National Congress Party’s National President and the Member of the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi has been misguiding and misleading the people of the Country purely on the basis of inaccurate, illogical and baseless arguments,” he said.

Khanna said that, the SC gave its decision on these petitions and found that the overall process in the Rafeal Agreement is transparent and as per the rules.

“The Supreme Court has also given a message with this decision that the matters related to National Security should not be brought to the Court just on the basis of unfounded doubts and misleading news items,” he said.(KNO)

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