Presidential Poll: Murmu declared winner, gets 64 pc votes

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New Delhi (UNI): NDA’s Presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu was on Thursday declared the next President of India, she secured 64 per cent votes against 36 per cent casted in favour of Opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha.

Rajya Sabha Secretary General and Returning Officer for the Presidential Election 2022 PC Mody announced the results in Parliament House complex.

“4754 votes were polled, out of which 4701 were valid and 53 votes were invalid. The quota sufficient to get a candidate elected was determined by dividing the total number of first preference votes secured by both candidates by two and then adding one to the quotient. The said quota was 5,28,491,” Mody said.

“Droupadi Murmu had secured 2824 first preference votes, value of which is 6,76,803 and 1877 first preference votes were secured by Shri Yashwant Sinha, value of which is 3,80,177. As the first preference votes secured by Droupadi Murmu was greater than the requisite quota, I, in my capacity as Returning Officer, declared that Droupadi Murmu has been duly elected to the Office of the President of India,” he added.

The counting of votes for the 15th Presidential Election commenced at 11 am in Room Number 63 of Parliament House.

The Ballot Box used in Parliament House was first opened, followed by that of States where MLA’s had cast their votes. The ballot papers of MLAs, who voted at Parliament House were also segregated and kept separately.

Thereafter, the counting of votes cast by MPs commenced, followed by the States in alphabetical order.

During scrutiny, the valid and invalid ballot papers were separated and the value of first preference votes polled in favour of each candidate was determined.

The results will now be forwarded to the Election Commission of India. The Election Commission will then prepare the ‘Certification of the Election of Droupadi Murmu as the President of India’.

It will be jointly signed by Chief Election Commissioner of India Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioner Anup Chandra Pandey.

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