I Love Driving Bigger, Crazier Trucks: Monika Murd

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Monika Murd is a young well known driver of Australia known for driving mammoth trucks to long distances. She is also a noted traveler having travelled more than 21 countries.

In an exclusive interview with Rameez Makhdoomi for The Legitimate she talks on her special talents and travels.

What motivates you to drive difficult heavy vehicles Trucks that too for long intervals?

Started when I was 21 and I have always loved truck driving. I started driving car’s when I was 14 years old. I wasn’t really popular when I was a small girl but it didn’t stop me to do what I love. I love my trucks and my mermaid tail and everything in this world.

Why big truck trollers ?

The Bigger the better. I always like to challenge myself to get bigger and crazier trucks. Right now my truck is 5meters high and 4.5 meters wide and 30 meters long.

I like driving Kenworth. Really like the design and power.

About your travels and favorite places?

I have been in 21 different countries right now. I have traveled all over Europe and Australia and few places in Asia …next place is definitely India. I absolutely love Indian food, all the spicy food is amazing, can’t really tell you how much I love it.

(I have been in : Finland Australia France Germany Italy Norway Sweden Switzerland Egypt and much more places )

My favorite place right now is Norway because of the nature and Italy because of the culture.

How has pandemic Coronavirus impacted Australia?

It hard in Australia because of the corona virus, so much people are suffering because they have lost their jobs and family members. But it’s recovering slowly and we are just hanging in there.

What motivates you to be strong women?

Everybody can be a strong women, you just have to find what you love and you will have some hard times but “strong person is someone who stands up after the fall” . You just have to keep trying and never stop believing in yourself. You don’t have to be a woman or man or black or white …you just have to believe in yourself.

Your views on humanity?

It doesn’t matter to me what color you are or how old you are or are you a guy or girl . Everybody is important and every person is beautiful in their own way.

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