J&K needs to create diverse job sector

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Last week when the Union Home Minister Amt Shah arrived in Jammu to attend the raising day parade of CRPF, he claimed that in the past three years all records of development were broken by the Jammu and Kashmir administration.

He said Rs 37000 crore investments were attracted to the Union Territory due to tireless engagement of Manoj Sinha administration with business players in the market.

According to him, the road network, infrastructure and the good governance implemented in Jammu and Kashmir are just a few milestones to mention. He further said that militancy in Kashmir has also been pushed to the back foot and peace is prevailing in the region. Ahead of him, the finance minister and his other colleagues had the same claims in the Parliament budget session.

However, three days ago a fresh report on Jammu and Kashmir read that it has 46 per cent unemployment. The figure punctures the claims of the Union government that employment and economic opportunities in Union Territory have increased post article 370 abrogation.

The report titled “Periodic Labour Force Survey April-June 2021” released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation shows that urban unemployment rate jumped to 12.6 percent in April-June 2021 from 9.3 percent in the previous quarter.

It further said that in J&K, the unemployment in the 15-29 age-group was highest among women compared to men. The joblessness among women in J&K was recorded at 67.3 percent in April-June 2021 while the unemployment rate for men was noted at 39.1 percent.

 It is also a matter of fact that due to COVID19 –a global pandemic the economy of the world crashed so was India. But the effects of a pandemic on the economy can’t be taken as an excuse for the government to hide its failures.

A lot is required to be done on ground to open job opportunities for the local youths. The desperation and hopelessness among the local youths have pushed them to the alienation and an alarming number of people have been taking the drugs.

The ripples of the situation may not be visible enough presently, but it is certainly heading for a bigger explosion. Economic dolls need to be rolled out and that will set the precedence for peace and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Union government shall work on various projects and create a diverse and attractive job market for the local youths. The region has various sectors including tourism, horticulture, art and many others which can be expanded.

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