‘The Basic Foundation Of Learning Is Native Language’

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Dr. Mittal Patel is a renowned educationist and motivational speaker of Western India state of Gujarat and also an administrator of many schools in the state. To her credit she has focused on improving the tough subject mathematics skills in pupils. She is PHD in electromagnetic in an exclusive interview with The Legitimate she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi about her journey.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Having born in 1981 In Jamnagar Gujarat, I had to be fighter with hard circumstances and aptly took on my shoulders to envisage that I myself and my siblings get a quality education. There was love of academics imbibed in me and vision to carve a niche of motivation for others.

What motivated you to be a motivational speaker?

Basically I had seen life of struggle and encountered few failures in the job interviews and the same acted as bedrock for me to help those who lose hope and the fighter inside me propelled me to rise from failures and be a successful motivational speaker and thus help hundreds of tensed souls.

When continuously facing exit from Job interviews I got to know that failure is not the option but rising from it is only way out .

I started from home tuition to helping the children who are weak in mathematics (as weakness in mathematics is burning problem) to helping tenth and 12th class dropouts and failures.

As motivational speaker what areas you focus on?

The basic thing to focus as motivational speaker is on mind training as tensions and problems within mind are base of failures so one has to focus on those to help the humans in need .

How did you become the administrator of so many schools in Jamnagar Gujarat?

I run my own school by the name of oxford and have the good honour of being in the management of many schools in the state and trustee of few philanthropic schools in the state.

What should be the focus of learning method in our part of the world?

The basic foundation of learning should be the use of local language as mother tongue is the first step towards ensuring that children learn things swiftly. Unfortunately in our part of the world we look down upon native or mother language which is harmful attitude .Even UNESCO has suggested using of mother tongue in the study medium.

What are the positives and negatives of Gujarati Youth?

On the positive side of the spectrum , the Gujarat youth are sharp minded, focused and are highly good in business skills and on negative side I feel they have to certainly improve the English speaking , writing skills which is global language and once done will finish the role of mediator from their business.

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