LS Polls: BJP’s ‘new India’ pack of lies: Bhalla

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Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Working President and Lok Sabha candidate from Jammu-Reasi Constituency Raman Bhalla on Monday claimed that priority of BJP regime was never to empower people by strengthening democratic institutions but those at the helm of affairs wanted to accomplish their nefarious designs by controlling such institutions through undemocratic means.

Addressing elections gathering at Kolpur, Sunisar, Bajalata flanked by senior cadres of the party, Bhalla termed the promises made by BJP Government as “mere bluffs’ ‘.

He said that people of J&K have been fed up with the “sheer opportunism” of BJP. Bhalla appealed to people from different walks of life, particularly youth, to become part of the party.

“Congress offers a platform for all well meaning peoples to encourage them and play their role in the party’s vision of political resolution and good governance,” he said adding that the Congress by way of its pro-people policies is the only viable regional alternative for the people of J&K.

He said the BJP Government failed to do anything good for the people of J&K except strengthening the instrument of oppression to unleash terror on them.

Bhalla said that BJP’s unilateral decisions have added to the long prevailing political instability and alienation in the region besides violating the spirit of federalism in the country. The party rank and file in J&K, Bhalla said, stands behind the Party in its ongoing efforts for the protection of the identity of Jammu and Kashmir.

“We will not allow BJP and its B teams to erode our political and cultural identity. Nothing can rescue BJP and its local proxies. People will teach them a lesson in the elections. People across JK have made it a point to register as voters and punish BJP and its B teams democratically through ballot,” he added. Bhalla said, “people of J&K will defeat the sinister objectives of BJP,” he added.

“Having failed to change the ground realities through biased delimitation, BJP and its B teams are trying to grab power through the back door,” he said.

Bhalla regretted that the delivery on the promises had been in opposite proportion to the expression of such high pitched slogans with not a single promise having been cashed in. Bhalla claimed that BJP has lost the ground miserably.

He said that the Congress Party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the regions, sub regions and the people. It will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability.

Hitting hard BJP and its leadership for cheating the people of Jammu, the former Minister said that the BJP has lost the moral right to go to Jammu people after betrayal after betrayal.

Coming down heavily on BJP leadership for indulging into misinformation campaign against Congress, Bhalla said that it is all due to the concerted efforts of great leaders like Prime Ministers Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Manmohan Singh that India is on the path of prosperity.

Bhalla said there is a “groundswell of anger” against the BJP and this needs to be demonstrated. There is an increasing realisation in the people of Jammu that the BJP has denuded them of their exclusive land, job rights and contracts.

“The complete failure of BJP in living up to their promises on development has also badly exposed their double standards,” he said.

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