PDD Extends Amnesty Scheme For Domestic Electricity Consumers

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Amnesty scheme for the domestic electricity consumers of J&K has been extended by the Power Development Department (PDD) up to 31-3-2025.

As per the news agency CNS, an official communique addressed to Managing Directors of JPDCL and KPDCL by the Director General Finance PDD M S Malik said, “Kindly refer to the above subject, where under the Finance Department conveyed concurrence vide U.0. No.FD-Code/72/2022-02), dated:

01.12.2023, to the extension of Amnesty scheme accorded vide Government ‘Order No. 103-P0D of 2022. dated: 12.09.2022 (Domestic Consumers), by one year which now stands extended by the Finance Department up to 31.03.2025. The said extension in the process of approval by the competent authority for issuance. However the extended concurrence accorded by the Finance Department ‘subject to the following conditions in addition to the conditions already envisaged in Government Order No. 103-PDD of 2022, dated 12.09.2022.”

“The department shall ensure recovery of arrears in full by covering all eligible consumers. The department shall disconnect the connections of the Consumers who do not avail the scheme and fail to pay the power dues. The failure of payment of outstanding dues within the prescribed twelve (12) months period shall invite penalty and legal action against the defaulter consumer. No power Amnesty Scheme shall be considered in future, reads the communique.

“The Department shall apprise the FD, on monthly basis, of the recoveries made under the scheme. The Department, JPDCL and KPDCL vigorously implement loss reduction, metering and energy audit measures to lower the ATC losses as per the trajectory committed to MHA/MoF,” it added.

Accordingly, I am directed to forward the above instruction for compliance by concerned officers/officials, the communique concluded.

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