Sony MAX to air ‘Hero’ on Sunday

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 Sony MAX is all set to premiere Telugu action thriller ‘Hero’, on November 13.

Directed by Sriram Adittya, the film stars Nidhhi Agerwal alongside Ashok Galla who makes his much-awaited on-screen debut. The movie has an exhilarating storyline and high-octane twists & turns.

The film showcases the story of Arjun (Ashok Galla), a young aspiring commercial movie hero who falls in love with Subbu (Nidhhi Agerwal). Arjun’s life flips upside down when he orders hair oil online and instead gets a gun delivered to his house.

As he tries to rid himself of the weapon, he unravels a sinister assassination scheme. What follows is an intriguing tale of high-voltage drama as Arjun attempts to unveil the truth while pursuing his dream of being an actor.

The movie will premiere on November 13, at 12 PM on Sony MAX.

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