The Ball Is In The Public Court

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As the India is set to hold the largest political exercise from April this month and elect its fresh government in New Delhi. The phase is equally crucial for Jammu and Kashmir where the elections are held on six Parliamentary seats.
In Kashmir the elections are held on three seats and in Jammu on two seats and the remaining seat is from Leh region. While the elections in Kashmir are traditionally marred with violence due to presence of insurgency and separatists, the political parties also don’t leave any opportunity to exploit the voters. The Kashmir’s political problem comes to the fore and political parties don’t shy away from promising solution to this intractable issue.
They suddenly feel love for the neighbouring country Pakistan. Promises are made to throw roads open to establish people to people contact. Trading of goods is another promise they keep making. In fact sometimes they move to an extent and assure to bring both India and Pakistan on talking table.
These political slogans are often dominating the election manifestos of political parties in Kashmir. However, the reality on ground is that it has never done any good to the people in Kashmir. In a Muslim majority Kashmir where the political conflict has so far consumed nearly one lakh lives the political problem is the most vulnerable point that these politicians exploit.
Unlike in other parts of country the elections are purely based on developmental agenda. Kashmir is likely to have this year full of political happenings as New Delhi may conduct the Assembly elections after Lok Sabha polls. This is the right time when people of Kashmir must introspect and understand the ground realities. Facts are sacred, ideologies can be differed.
These politicians after being elected take an oath of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and pledge that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. They further pledge that they will never work against the interests of the country and will always uphold its sovereignty and integrity. So the people have to understand how these politicians can deliver on the poll promises and do what legally they are not authorize to do. Secondly, Jammu and Kashmir is an issue that falls in the domain of foreign affairs involving Pakistan. And it is only the Prime minister’s office and foreign affairs ministry that can decide over talks with Pakistan on any issue. Those who we elect have a limited domain to address the day to day problems of common people.
This time the general public must draw the silver line and vote the leaders who genuinely will address their local issues instead fall in a trap of greener pastures.  Rhetoric must go and bullying is enough now. Let people hold the leaders accountable and vote them only for development and progress. As these leaders keep the political environment electrifying, they evade any accountability to the funds they receive for the local development.
Richs have been grown richer but there is no change in the fortunate’s of commoner.  While these politicians have also kept the commoners captive with “Maslai Kashmir”, they have been enjoying their lavish lives at the fullest. So the time has come for the people to make the decisions right and choose the genuine person to represent them, instead to fall in the trap of rhetoric.  

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