Pampore Can Witness Bhopal Like Gas Tragedy: Malik Yaqoob

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Malik Yaqoob was recently administered oath of Pampore Municipal Town committee Chairman. He is affiliated with ruling party at Center Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). He was previously active with National conference and is often seen in Hindi news debates.

In an exclusive interview with The Legitimate, Malik Yaqoob talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

What are your priorities as Pampore Town committee chairman?

I was administered oath of office of the Chairman Pampore Municipal Committee just few days back. I have made it clear that development of Pampore Town would be taken from grassroots and injustice done with town since decades undone. I would be the leader visiting masses not vice versa.

I have vowed to make Pampore Town a world class place in terms of urban facilities and infrastructure. Pampore town has historically faced step motherly treatment despite known world over for producing one of famous and costliest spice saffron. I also appeal to the youth of Pampore to join my caravan of positive change and sought their cooperation.

You are vehemently against Gas turbine in Pampore, why so?

It is quite pertinent question as according to my analysis Pampore can witness anytime Bhopal Gas Tragedy like havoc due to lack of safety standards in the said gas turbine operations.

I have already expressed my deep concern that Gas Turbine installed in residential area of Pampore town without any given safety norms and standards is putting to peril the lives of all Pampore residents.

Be it any company the matter of great worry is they are working in the Pampore Gas Turbine without maintaining due standards. The Pampore town is on tinder box and if this ignites we will see whole Pampore witnessing Bhopal like carnage. I have already requested administration to transfer the Gas Turbine out of dense populated area to Khrew area.

 Injustice does not end here but also in the employment opportunities Pampore town is neglected by the Gas Turbine Management and height of problem gets augmented as not even a single Gas Agency or Gas Station is allotted to residents of Pampore.

Why are you a BJP politician having not much appreciation in Kashmir valley?

I guess the time is right to give Kashmir a direction of progress and leadership of PM Modi can only guarantee that.

To continue dynasty influenced gains we all know the politics of hypocrisy exhibited by PDP, Congress and NC they have destroyed Jammu Kashmir State.

Firstly NC and PDP told that they are not having nay interests in elections or governance till the special status issue is not solved but within no time when they found themselves in troubled waters and their dynastic politics in danger they have flocked together to taste the fruits of power. NC, PDP have neither any morale nor any substance in their politics.

What will you do to lift ailing saffron industry of Pampore?

Pampore Town is known world over for rare and costly saffron spice, the saffron sector is sick due to many factors like weather vagaries, irrigation problems, less production etc. Recent untimely snowfall too hit saffron crop.

I appreciate the vibrancy displayed by the Governor Satya pal Malik in tackling the crisis arising out of heavy snowfall and appreciate the steps taken by him in declaring package to orchardists, we hope on same levels the package would be announced for saffron growers as saffron represents prestige of Kashmir on global level.

On my level as town committee Chairman due heed will be given to provide compact relief to the saffron growers of Pampore as the area forms backbone of saffron sector in the state. I have vowed to take up the cause of saffron growers on every platform.

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