Youth can look forward to a brighter future with Emerging start-ups: Jitendra Singh

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Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Monday said that with emerging start-ups

on the back of the initiatives of Prime Minister, the youth can look forward to a brighter future.

The Union Minister said this while inaugurating a 5-day Integrated Communication and Outreach Programme (ICOP) Organised by the Central Bureau of Communication, Ministry of Information

and Broadcasting, Government of India at SP Higher Secondary School Srinagar on Monday.

Jitendra Singh said that earlier he was under the impression that the country has failed its youth but now with emerging start-ups on the back of the initiatives of Prime Minister, the youth can look forward to a bright future.

Dr Singh said that prior to 2014, India was looked upon as a land of scams and corruption which had a deleterious effect on people especially the youth.

He said that with his dynamic and visionary leadership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken

India out of despondency and the whole world is ready to work under the leadership of India.

He added that PM Modi has been a transformational figure in turning this pessimism to optimism and making India stand brightly among comity of nations.

Dr Singh said that during the 9 years of the present government, the benefits that have been given to citizens have not been based on race, religion, caste, colour or political affiliation.

The Minister said that PM Modi has changed the mindsets of people and that facilities are available for all and not only for those who vote.

Talking about various schemes for social upliftment, he said that initiatives like LPG distribution and construction of toilets have led to a social transformation in rural areas.

Dr Singh said that a true tribute to the leadership of PM Modi would be to take benefit of the schemes that have been designed by GoI for overall development of all citizen groups.

The Minister said that society cannot progress unless progress of women is ensured at all levels.

He recalled a time when women had to go to forests in the dark of the night to relieve themselves.

Talking about the J&K, Jitendra Singh said that the youth here are very intelligent and talented and are no less than any other from other parts of the country.

He said that given an opportunity, the youth of J&K will show their true potential in whichever field they choose.

Making a mention of Aroma Mission, the Minister said that 3000 youth are associated with lavender cultivation at the moment by taking benefit from various schemes like MUDRA Yojna.

The Minister also took stock of an exhibition put up by the Agriculture Department.

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