52 ft tall triangular clock tower build in Shopian town completed and working

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Srinagar, May 24 :  A unique Clock Tower at Gole Chowk of  south Kashmir’s Shopian District is almost complete.

   The 52-feet-tall tower is unique in its architectural style, it will provide people with not only time but also many other important information.

   The tower, built by Municipal Council shopian, was designed by Rafi Saqib Architects and is being built under the supervision of the Roads and Buildings (R&B) department.

   Assistant Executive Engineer R&B Niyaz Ahmad Malik said that ninety percent of the construction work of this tower has been completed. He said that the remaining work of this tower will be completed within a week.

   This tower being constructed is the first triangular tower of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of its structure. According to the concerned authorities, in addition to the clock, a biometrics board will also be installed in the tower which will act as a notice board and various departments will place notices on it.

   Najam-ul-Saqib, owner of a firm called Rafi Saqib Architects said  that the design of this clock tower is unique in its design which is based on more modern than traditional. He said that this is the first triangular tower in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that we have completed the construction work of this tower and handed it over to the concerned authorities.

   He said that the tower would not only take hours to tell the time but would also be equipped with pollution meters and surveillance cameras. He said that it would be an ideal building in the district which would further enhance the beauty of the place. He said that this construction was completed in record time.

   Najam-ul-Saqib further said that the clock of this tower has also been activated.

   According to the Municipal Council Shopian, apart from monitoring the tower, it will also provide information to the people about the weather and air pollution.

  The Gole Chowk, where the tower is built, is the business nerve centre of the district and always remains abuzz with the visitors.   The chowk has also a political significance as dozens of political leaders addressed mammoth gatherings at this place in the past.

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