Congress Sweeps Tehsil Ajas In Panchayat Polls: Spokesman

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Srinagar: Bandipora Congress Committee on Saturday claimed to have registered an impressive victory by winning majority of its Panchayat halqas in Tehsil  Ajas of district Bandipora. The spokesman in a statement issued to KNO said that PDP suffered a major electoral setback in Tehsil Ajas Belt of Bandipora Constituency here, after it lost all Panchayats seats of Tehsil Ajas to its arch-rival Congress.

In the eight phase of panchayat polls, Congress party in Bandipora registered an impressive victory winning majority of Panchayat halqas in Tehsil Ajas area. Congress General Secretary and Former MLA Bandipora, Usman Majid thanked people for voting in favor of Congress candidates.

Majid said that “people of Bandipora, I thank all of you – I am indebted to u for all your efforts. People of Bandipora have outwardly rejected PDP and show their faith in Congress.”

He said that people of Bandipora have rightly elected Congress to accelerate pace of development. Bandipora Congress Committee in a statement also claimed that they have won most number of Panchayats in the four Phases of Panchayat Elections in Bandipora Constituency.

Spokesman said that PDP have failed totally on ground. He said that as of now, elections happened in four blocks and out of four blocks, Bandipora congress has won majority of Panchayats. He said that PDP is just befooling the masses by showing fake mandate.(KNO)

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