BJP wants to run Delhi govt by recently passed ordinance: Arvind Kejriwal

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The first meeting of the National Capital Civil Service Authority (NCCSA), constituted through an ordinance by the Centre, was held on Tuesday.

“Through this ordinance, BJP-led Centre is trying to control over powers of elected Delhi government,” alleged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after the meeting here.

Addressing a press conference after NCCSA meeting, Kejriwal said BJP lost four elections in the

city but it has been trying to overpower the elected Delhi government’s power through recently passed ordinance,” he alleged.

“This ordinance places officers above the ministers, the chief minister and the cabinet,” said CM.

Kejriwal said through this ordinance Centre is trying to rule Delhi government.

“Now the final decision in every department will not be of the minister, but of the department secretary. The Secretary can overrule the decision of the Minister. Above the cabinet will be

the chief secretary who will decide which decision of the cabinet is correct, which clearly

shows BJP government’s intension clearly,” he alleged.

To reverse the decision of the CM in the authority, two officers were placed above the CM, said Kejriwal.

“The central government will have direct control over these officers. In this way, after losing the elections, BJP wants to run the Delhi government,” claimed Kejriwal.

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