Blinken calls on Russian President to end Conflict

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Washington, June 3 (UNI) US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement on Friday calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the conflict in Ukraine and said Russia is not an enemy of the United States.
“We again call on President Putin to immediately end this conflict and all the suffering and global upheaval his war of choice has caused,” Blinken said in a statement. “Neither the United States nor our allies and partners seek to prolong the war to inflict pain on Russia. We greatly respect the citizens of Russia, who are not our enemy and who deserve a better future than what continued war and increasing repression will bring.”
Blinken pointed out that in 100 days since the Russian President ordered his forces to invade Ukraine, the United States has provided Ukraine with more than $6.3 billion of security assistance.
“As President Biden has said, our goal is straightforward: The United States wants to see a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine with the means to deter and defend itself against further aggression,” the statement said.

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