Denying Jobs, Passports

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Asem Mohiuddin

On Monday, the UT government issued the order in which it has denied the jobs and passport clearances to all those involved in stone pelting and anti national activities.

The order issued by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) reads, ““All the field units of CID SB Kashmir are hereby directed to ensure that during verification related to passport, services and any other verification to government services/schemes, the subjects involvement in law and order, stone pelting cases and other crime prejudicial to the security of the state be specifically looked into and same must be corroborated from the local police station records.”

The order further states that to make foolproof evidence regarding the involvement of any person in such activities, the officials shall retain the proof of CCTV footage,, pictures, videos and audio clips, quadcopter images available in the records of the police, security forces, and security agencies.

“Any subject found involved in any such cases must be denied the security clearance.”

The order came weeks after the UT Government led by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha terminated dozens of employees from the government services following the adversary reports from various security and intelligence agencies.

The UT government dismissed them from their services in the “interest of nation” and termed them as a grave threat to the Nation’s security.

The move, though appreciated by the BJP party in Jammu and Kashmir, was seen as an attempt to disempower the local populace by regional political parties.

“Some anti-national powers in Jammu & Kashmir support terrorism and Pakistan and use passports to flee the country and also get absorbed in government jobs besides getting contracts of (developmental) projects. As per the new order, they will not get the security clearance which is a good step and will serve as a severe blow to such elements, BJP state president, Ravinder Raina told the news agency PTI.

But Omar Abdullah, Vice president of National Conference and former Chief Minister said that bureaucratic order cannot withhold the scrutiny of the court of law. He referred to his own detention post Article 370 abrogation and of many others.

“An ‘adverse police report’ cannot be a substitute for being found guilty in a court of law. A year and a half ago J&K police were able to create an ‘adverse police report’ to justify my detention under the Public Safety Act that would never have stood up to legal challenge,” he tweeted the copy of executive order by the CID department.

Mehbooba Mufti who also served as  Chief minister of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State lashed out at New Delhi and said that Kashmiris have been denied the justice and all of them are criminals until proven guilty when it is supposed to be vice versa like in other states.

“Kashmiris are considered guilty until proven innocent. Whether for a government job or even a passport they are subjected to the worst kind of scrutiny. But when a policeman is known to have facilitated militants, he is let off the hook. The double standards and dirty games are obvious”,” she tweeted.

Mehbooba was referring to the release of dysp Davinder Singh Rana who was caught red handed facilitating militants and shifting them to some unknown destination in his own car. He was recently released on bail by the court of law.

The criticism of the executive order, however, didn’t stop here. The separatists have also shown “regrets and concerns” over the order and termed it as an autocratic move. Mirwaiz Umer Farooq, the moderate faction chairman said that these orders are issued with an aim to close the doors and opportunities for Kashmiris.

The Apni party chairman Mohammad Altaf Bukhari said that the order is negating the vision of Prime Minister Narender Modi of Naya Kashmir.

“Such arbitrary decisions will only push the youth into further alienation and prove counterproductive for the peace and reconciliation process in J&K. The SSP CID’s latest order is totally in contradiction to the promises and vision of Prime Minister and Union Home Minister which envisage a better and prosperous future for the people of J&K especially its promising youth.”

Meanwhile, earlier the UT government made an amendment by the Union Territory administration in the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Verification of Character and Antecedents) Instructions, 1997 mandated a satisfactory CID report in order to secure the government job. As per the fresh rules modified by the UT, the Security and Intelligence agencies shall collect the details of all relatives to find if any of his relatives is engaged in anti national activities or have been associated with any social, political or religious organization banned by the government including Jamaat islamia.

The locals feel that it is like someone else being punished for some other sins.

“What I have to do with someone from my In-laws who is involved in any adverse or anti national activity. I shall be held accountable for my own deeds not of someone who I can’t control,” said a youth from Baramulla wishing not to be named. He termed the series of directions in UT administration anti people and unfriendly for government job seekers.

He says by virtue of such orders, thousands of educated youths in Kashmir will be deprived of job opportunities and may push them to further alienation.

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