GMC Srinagar & ECHO India collaborate to chart a roadmap for enhanced healthcare access

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 Government Medical College Srinagar and a non-profit trust- ECHO India- have joined hands in a collaborative initiative to chart a roadmap for enhanced healthcare access for tribal communities.

On Saturday, a roundtable discussion was held at GMC Srinagar which brought together policymakers and healthcare experts to explore innovative solutions for healthcare system strengthening for tribal communities.

“The event united prominent dignitaries, policymakers and renowned healthcare experts to engage in dialogue and explore innovative solutions aimed at bolstering healthcare access and resilience in underserved tribal populations,” officials said.

Secretary of the Tribal Affairs Department and Director of the Tribal Research Institute Shahid Iqbal Choudhary emphasized the collaborative nature of this endeavor.

“Our objective is to create a comprehensive roadmap that addresses the unique healthcare challenges faced by tribal communities in the mountainous regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Through collaboration, we aim to forge a path towards a more resilient and accessible healthcare system,” he said.

Secretary to the Government of the Health & Medical Education Department, Bhupinder Kumar highlighted the importance of inclusivity and innovation.

“This event serves as a platform for meaningful discussions and consultations, where experts converge to shape the future of healthcare for underserved tribal populations. Our shared dedication is a testament to our resolve to empower these communities with healthcare solutions that are both equitable and effective,” he said.

Principal GMC Srinagar, Masood Tanvir, expressed his appreciation to ECHO India for their invaluable contribution in organizing a roundtable discussion on tribal health.

“This initiative is a significant step towards addressing the healthcare needs of tribal communities. Together, we can work towards improving the health and well-being of these underserved populations,” he said.

Mohummad Salim Khan, Head of Department- Community Medicine, GMC Srinagar, emphasized the potential transformative impact of this partnership.

“Our collaboration with ECHO India signifies a significant step in our approach to healthcare in marginalized regions. Together, we are cultivating a vision of equity where every individual, regardless of their background, can access high-quality care. This roadmap will lead to improved well-being and resilience among tribal populations,” he said.

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